TOZCOS – “Suenos Deceptivos” LP


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Tozcos – “Suenos Deceptivos” LP

Fast, angry, unpretensious and straight to the point. Hardcore punk from Santa Ana, California. Because of the Latino female vocals Vaaska are an obvious contemporary comparison. And Brazils’ Futuro, too. But also, this reminds me of old school European hardcore of a type that you would find on one of those chewed-up old 80s international compilations, like P.E.A.C.E. or Welcome To 1984. But, with far better studio recording. The production on this album is bang-on, every note of each instrument is lovely and clear. The label’s description mentions UK82 as an influence, but I’m not sure, the dynamics, sound quality and musicianship is way better than that. It’s a spanker.

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