SECOND ATTACK – “Lies And Myths” 7″


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Includes insert. 2020

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Second Attack – “Lies And Myths” 7″

Where the hell does Punk N Vomit find someone these recordings?! An ultra-rare 7″ by a London-based punk outfit that was released in a limited quantity of 250 in 1989 with most being destroyed by the band after breaking up. Tied in with Conflict and sounding like an anarcho-street punk band that would have featured on one of their Mortarhate compilations; at the time of the late 80’s this kind of protest-punk was a bit of a scrace aberration, keeping in my mind, by 1989 even the likes of Heresy and Stupids were starting to become old hat, but, this 7″ EP is all the more interesting and anomalous because of it. On reflection, Toxic Ephex were doing something similar up in Scotland at around the same time.

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