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Translucent green vinyl (200 copies). 2022

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Rejection Pact – “Can We Wait?” LP

A hardcore band based out of Boise, Idaho, who formed in the fall of 2017 and recorded their self-released demo tape that winter, followed by the Threats Of The World 7″ of 2019. This 13-track album clocks-in under 20 minutes – and there you have a good indication of Reaction Pact’s intention: youth-crew hardcore that is cranked-out fast, furious, and that doesn’t waste any time sugar coating it’s strongly held message. Pulling-in influences that range from politically charged punk acts like Propagandhi and Good Riddance to more straight-ahead hardcore acts like Bane, 97A, Battery and Have Heart; consequently occupying the same safe space as modern bands such as Headcount, Chemical Fix, Moral Law, Faim, Mil-Spec, Fiddlehead, Restraining Order, One Step Closer etc.

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