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Purple ‘Grape’ vinyl (170 copies). 2022

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Enact – Self-titled LP

A straight-edge hardcore band from Portland, Oregon with veteran members of the West Coast hardcore scene whose membership include bands like Blue Monday, Get The Most, Cutting Through, Dying For It, Dance For Destruction, And XCauterizeX. Chuggy and moshy like the sXe of the 1990’s (New Age, Revelation etc.) but approached in a spirit of 2022 – not least due to the female vocals, which is something I wouldn’t normally mention as we’ve collectively moved-on from drawing attention to any given band member’s gender, right? It’s not often of any relevance, expect in this instance they are picking influences from a past sXe scene where vocalists were 99% mal. In that context Enact are closley aligned to fellow contemporaries like Scowl, Torso and Faim. A very welcome spoken word political rant further helps this album stand-out. Sorry about the high price, I don’t know the reason why, other than the unusual small number of copies pressed-up.

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