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Green  vinyl. 2024

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Les Savy Fav – “OUI, LSF” LP

The rowdy art-school indie-punks are back with their first new album in 14 years. Emerging from the New York underground in the late 90’s, Les Savy Fav provided an invigorating tonic to counteract the hipster indie pop of the day – the scruffy art school underdogs to knock aside The Strokes; replacing fashion-shoot posh-boy pop with attitude, volume and brains. Back again in 2024, sounding much as they did before, instantly recognisable, and  picking-up where they left things, not so much in 2010, but at the start of the 2000s, instead. Tim Harrington’s wisecrack word-play and lyrical genius remain at the forefront (always a match for Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock). With a band that are still fired-up with an overloaded hyper energy that is as much post-hardcore as it is post-anything-else. Good to have ’em back.

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