UZI – “Cadena De Odio” LP


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Uzi – “Cadena De Odio” LP

Columbian fury and virtiol, featuring members of other Bogotá hardcore punk and post-punk bands such as Final, Muro and Tumbas. A debut release of fast-paced punk rock given a huge uplift by the sheer intensity of feeling in the vocals (what is about Latino/South American punk that they always comes from so deep within the gut…?). Shook-up even more by deceptively subtle melodies, that snag you along by the ear lugs and drag you into a back street alleyway to give you a proper duffing-over. It is gratefully recieved. Sort of like Futuro meets Lebenden Toten, with the noise factor dialed down, and the addition of UK82 drum patterns.

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