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NASUM – “Human 2.0” LP


Relapse Records

Gatefold sleeve, black vinyl, includes download. 2015

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Nasum – “Human 2.0” LP

The second album by the grindcore masters. Released in 2000 (the title is a reference to some of the panic over the Y2K bug). Sharing ties to many other greats of Sweden’s underground/extreme music scene – Necrony, Victims, Burst, Krigshot – they were not just one of the Scandinavian greats of metal-punk, they were also major players in helping to revitalise the grindcore genre, almost single-handedly carrying it forth into the 21st Century. A pinnacle grindcore album (has it been surpassed by anyone since? I can’t think who…), with exactly the right balance of lightening fast dexterity, crushing metallic breakdowns, and pulverising punk aggression.

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