WEAR YOUR WOUNDS – “Rust On The Gates Of Heaven” Double LP


Deathwish Inc.

White with transparant green, double vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 2019

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Wear Your Wounds – “Rust On The Gates Of Heaven” Double LP

Blimey, it must be hard work being Jacob Bannon – Converge vocalist, label owner, graphic artist, and now composing and singing in his (newer) side-project band. Rust On The Gates Of Heaven is the second album from Wear Your Wounds, and once again Bannon has collaborated with an assortment of other musicians: Mike McKenzie (The Red Chord), Adam McGrath (Cave In), Sean Martin (Twitching Tongues, ex-Hatebreed), Chris Maggio (ex-Trap Them), Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe) and Gared O’Donnell (Planes Mistaken For Stars). As with all of his work, it is thematically heavy, but unlike Converge, the music is much less so. Venturing deep into proggy, post rock territory (the Cave In factor making its presence felt), and some moments are slow and sparse, kind of like Cinematic Orchestra. But at no point does it stray so far off course that it would lose a Converge fan – for whom this album is pretty essential.

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