YAPHET KOTTO – “The Killler Was In…” CD


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Gatefold cardboard sleeve. 1999


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Yaphet Kotto – “The Killer Was In The Governement Blankets” CD

Each of the three Yaphet Kotto albums were distinct in their own right, but each one consistently featured the same socio-political outrage, the same dueling guitar dynamics, and same passionate dual vocals – flipping from harsh shouts to more melodic sung passages. And each album also had that one song that just flawed you every time – in the instance of this album, (their debut from 1999), it was the killer track Suffocate – catchy and off-kilter, dramatic and intense, the whole way through. From the early years of the 21st century, one of the best of the best. Still available, on CD format only.

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