SOUL BLIND – “Feel It All Around” LP


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Gold nugget vinyl, includes insert. 2023

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Soul Blind – “Feel It All Around” LP

Alt rock and grunge of the 1990s put through a modern hardcore rinse for Soul Blind’s debut full-length. Although this is still within the realms shared with Fleshwater, Cloakroom, and Nothing, the band have moved their sound away from the shoegaze influence that was showcased on their Greatest Hits Vol. 1 EP of 2020, and instead the 90’s post hardcore pedal has been heavily stepped upon: the volume is loud, the weight is heavy, and the basslines are big, warm and fuzzed-out. No surprise that they have played with Drug Church (Militarie Gun, surely, too?). References to Quicksand, Seaweed, Shift, Deftones and Hum should also be made. An expensive US import (I think a Euro/UK press may be out there, but limited).

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