PLAGUE YEARS – “Circle Of Darkness” LP


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Red and Orange 180 gsm vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 2020

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Plague Years – “Circle Of Darkness” LP

Nothing short of a modern thrash metal classic from these Detroit head-bangers, and holy fuck, with a name – Plague Years – that is wretchedly perfect for this virus sodden 2020. Punked-up riffing, with a biting social commentry expressed within the lyrics, and delivered with a vocal roar that is more aligned to hardcore than death metal (i.e. Power Trip, Municipal Waste; I’d even add that there are echos of crusty 80’s UK crossover to be heard  – Unseen Terror, Antisect, Axegrinder – bonus!). At the same time, keeping things old school, there’s nods of appreciation to many metal greats of time past: Obituary, Sepultura, and (never getting tired or over used) Slayer too, of course.

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