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SUGAR – “Copper Blue” LP


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180g clear vinyl.

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Sugar – “Copper Blue” LP

After two solo albums, Bob Mould formed Sugar in 1992 with David Barbe and Malcolm Travis of obscure alternative rock/pop-punk band, Mercyland (realising I still owned one of their 7″s I rushed onto Discogs, to discover… that’s it’s actually the same price now as I paid when I found it in a record shop bargain box back in ’91. Oh well. Bit unfair). As an angry young Husker Du fan I resented this album for its blatent indie-rock commercialism (and brazen Pixies rip off), but soon realised, after all those years of hardwork it was so mean spirited of me to resent Bob’s well-deserved moment in the limelight. And of course, while it got better and better with age, you also can’t deny: Copper Blue is as near to power-pop-perfection as it gets. And the Lou Giordano production (hero of the Boston hardcore scene): phwoar, lush and faultless.

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