MERCENARY – “Demos Collection” LP


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(500 copies), includes 14″ x 14″ poster and insert. 2022

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Mercenary – “Demos Collection” LP

Volume eleven d-beat hardcore from Atlanta, Georgia. While this 12″ is titled Demos Collection, it’s actually a discography – the collected works of “one of the most ferocious hardcore groups to come out of the Southeast [of America] in the last decade”. In 2021 Vocalist Michael “Ruby” Rubenstein passed away unexpectedly, and this posthumous release is, in part, a tribute to his legacy, with proceeds from the sales of this record going towards a mural in memory of Ruby as well as the Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition. Featuring – all remixed and remastered – the six tracks from their cassette-only release from 2003, plus the five tracks from the Atlanta’s Burning cassette-only release of 2015.

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