OMEGA TRIBE – “Angry Songs” mini LP


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Poster sleeve. 2022

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Omega Tribe – “Angry Songs” 12″

One of the younger, jauntier bands of the Crass Record’s back catalogue, the London based punk band released this debut – as a 7″ – in 1982. Reproduced here as 12″ and with a full re-production of the original fold-out poster sleeve. A record that is testament to the notion that the post 1980s anarcho punk movement was impressively broad in its musical range – rarely were these bands mere Crass clones, and there was in fact a rich diversity, as displayed within these four tracks: an anti profit/greed protest song with hand claps? you got it. A ballad with piano backing? Go for it… Needless to say, a classic EP… not sure how I feel about the increase in size (and price) from a 7″ to a 12″. As a reissue, with no additional tracks, it gives rise to a cynicism where cynicism shouldn’t belong (compare this 12″ to Sealed Record’s reissue of the Omega Tribe album – I think you know what I mean).

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