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MORNE – “To the Night Unknown” LP


Morne Records / Armageddon Label

Gatefold sleeve and double 180 gram vinyl. Includes download. 2018


To the Night Unknown by MORNE

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Morne – “To the Night Unknown” Double LP

Heavy, blackened, doom rock from Boston Massachusetts, formed in 2005, this is their fourth studio album. Guided by Godflesh, silhouetted against a bleak sky in a deslotate landscape, Amebix embraces Neurosis – and the end result of their post apocalypse union is Morne. Many bands have gone down the same, dusty, well-trodden path, but, (like their labelmates Elder), Morne pull it off with the necessary finess and distinction that helps them stand out from the blackened masses – which helps justify the (expensive) luxury that is a double gatefold LP. Immerse yourself in doom –  you can get proper lost in this album.

To the Night Unknown by MORNE

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