WARXGAMES – “Violent & Depressed” 7″


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Blue vinyl. 2019

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Warxgames – “Violent & Depressed” 7″

With “Anti-Fascist Straight Edge” emblazoned on the back of the sleeve of this new 7″ by Warxgames (following-up 2013’s 9 Trax/No Nightmare 7″) you know from the off these guys aren’t going to give you a gentle ride. And sure enough, this is a superior old-school-influenced hardcore rager from former members of The Pist, Wall Breaker, Triac and Deep Sleep. “The darker, dirtier, weirder older brother of the Baltimore Straight Edge”. Something like The Abused meets Infest meets What Happens Next?

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Violent and Depressed by Warxgames

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