MERE MORTAL – “Tartarus” LP


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Black vinyl, limited to 300. 2018

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Debut 12″ from a UK band who have the whole thrash-metal-crossover thing figured-out, sown-up, and in the can. Lots of UK bands attempted this style in the late 80’s, and most of them, if I’m honest, were a bit rubbish – it may be sacrilege (excuse the pun), but, live, Bolthrower were a bit flat and dull, (and Hellbastard and Cerebal Fix? not great, not great at all). These 5 tracks remind me of the same smart-punks-on-dumb-heavy-metal that those bands were attempting, only, Mere Mortal do it loads better. And without the muddy studio sound and loose musicianship that plagued their predecessors. But the evil overtones, chugging-beats, wailing guitar solos and cheesey graphics are all as spot-on as you could wish for. From members of The Flex, Big Cheese and Bitter Youth. This is the second press since its release in November 2018, on limited black vinyl.

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