NOOSE SWEAT – “Murder Suicide 7”


Coxinha / 625 Productions

Black vinyl (300 copies),. 2024

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Noose Sweat – “Murder Suicide” 7″

The Vancouver band follow up their debut flexi with twelve new songs of blistering, stop-start power violence (Yes, that’s right, twelve songs on one 7″ disc, bless ’em).  A variation on a theme that is shared by a great many other bands, too many to mention, but, thing is, once this crazy noise gets in your blood you are stuck with it, for better and sometimes worse, for the rest of your life. Basically, if you bought Slap A Ham, Sound Pollution, and Bovine 7″s releases back in the day, then, you will want this. And you’ll fuckin luv it. Very few others will, mind. Their tragic loss. Haven’t got the right blood.

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