SHORT HATE TEMPER – “Fast Food 1993 Demo” LP


Rescued From Life / 625 Productions

Black vinyl (300 copies) includes insert. 2023

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Short Hate Temper – “Fast Food 1993 Demo” LP

High speed hardcore from El Paso, Texas from the glory days of early power violence, back when Bovine and Slap A Ham were banging out the super fast hits. Best known for their split LP with Slight Slappers (from 1998), this is S.H.T.’s early origins, reminiscent of 80’s USHC bands like DRI, PHC, and Stikky. The 15 songs from the debut recording have been reproduced here for posterity’s sake with the original tape cassette artwork and includes a two-sided poster insert with fliers and pictures from the era.

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