OFF! – “Free LSD” LP


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Translucent Electric Blue vinyl, gatefold, includes blotter lyric sheet. 2022

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Off! – “Free LSD” LP

The fourth full-length 12″ from LA’s hardcore ‘super group’ is something of a revelation. A change of line-up has seriously kicked things into a whole new stratosphere for Off! and the result is a mental rollcoaster of tight, technical progressive/crossover thrash-punk. Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks) and Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides) have now been joined by bassist Autry Fulbright II  who previously had a short-lived tenure in …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – which obviously had a big impact on him, as he brings the same sense of overblown grandure and epic crescendos that are typical of Trail Of Dead. And I say that as a long-time Trail Of Dead fan. However, the real point of interest is drummer Justin Brown who has previously played with Herbie Hancock! And bloody hell, he is an amazing musician, and the key factor in the meteoric rise in quality demonstrated on this new Off! album. I guess, to be honest, Keith Morris at times sounds a little like he is struggling to keep-up with the pace and volume, but then, who wouldn’t? not mater what age your vocal chords, you’re gonna be in difficulty keeping-up with rythmns as jaw-droppingly mental as this… Weird, fucking weird: this is contender for album of the year. Not something I would have ever expected.

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