SLINT – “Glen/Rhoda” 10″


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Slint – “Glen/Rhoda” 10″

So, after delivering one of the most enigmatic albums in the history of recorded music, everything in Slint-land went deadly quite, and we waited with baited breath… 4 years…¬† for a mere 2 track¬† 10″ – it was kind of dissapointing at the time, primarily because of the lack of quantity. But, not, thankfully, because of the lack of quality. And, despite one of the songs being a revamped track, Rhoda, (off their first album, Tweez), this 10″ does still sound like an continuation of the Slint-spiderland experience, albeit without the spooky story-teller presence. Dry as dead leaves blowing through bleached bone, post rock in its stripped down, bare-knuckle, quentessential quenescence, yeah baby.

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