SPIRIT WORLD – “Pagan Rhythms” LP


Century Media

180 gram limited black vinyl. 2021

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Spirit World – “Pagan Rhythms” LP

Occult/blasphemy-themed rager from Las Vegas, but stylistically owing much to old school Cleveland: metallic hardcore with the chugging, rhythm-lead aggression of Ringworm, Die Hard and Integrity (Dwid stylism in the vocals, especially). A nine track debut full length conceived by frontman/artist Stu Folsom, collaborating with friends such as Producer Sam Pura (The Story So Far, Basement), Guitarist Matt Schrum (Fight Like Hell, Folsom) and drummer Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta, Trash Talk). Originally released by Safe Inside Records in 2020, this is the 2021 repress on Century Media, with alternative (limited) sleeve art, and also includes an additional ‘art print’.

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