METHOD OF DOUBT – “Staring At Patterns” LP


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Clear vinyl (200 copies). 2022

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Method Of Doubt – “Staring At Patterns” LP

A young band from South Florida/Georgia with their 12″ follow-up to their debut 7″ EP, Control, from 2019. A familiar style of hardcore that combines medlodic drive and thoughtful passion and which inevitably draws a comparison to Washington DC/Dischord Records of the late 1980s. Rhythmic, mid-paced moments get boosted by chunkier hardcore aggression… and then it dawned on me why I like this 12″ EP (I guess you can call it a mini-album) so damn much: I was always a huge fan of the Statue 12″ that Revelation put out in 1993, (it remains to this day one of my favourite releases on that label). A young, socially outraged band, with very capable song writing skills, taking-up this mantle of Chain Of Strength meets Fugazi, in 2022? Now, that is something I am exceedingly comfortable with.

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