THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES – “Tail Swallower & Dove” LP


Suicide Squeeze Records

Gatefold sleeve, ‘Renal Failure’ vinyl, 1000. Includes download. 2016

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These Arms Are Snakes – “Tail Swallower & Dove” LP

The third and final full-length, released in 2008, a couple of years before their demise, before moving on to concentrate on other concerns such as Minus The Bear, Narrows and Russian Circles. Perhaps overlooked these days, but still deserving plenty of appreciation. Their Jade Tree era was particularly awe-inspiring, (and no doubt, Drug Church members would agree). Naturally placed in that Jesus Lizard noise-rock zone where many a punk player finds themselves gravitating  towards in their later years, and lessening some of the simplicity, speed and rage of their hardcore youth in the process Рwhich in the case of These Arms Are Snakes  was time spent playing in Killsadie and Botch. This is the 20th anniversary repress.

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