KUKL – “The Eye” LP


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Poster sleeve, remastered. 2017

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Kukl – “The Eye” LP

The first studio album by the Icelandic post-punk group Kukl, released in 1984 by Crass Records and recorded by Penny Rimbaud (of Crass). A faithful repress, remastered from the original master tapes, and packaged within the same fold-out poster sleeve (albeit on glossy paper now) – decorated and illustrated with the same impressive wood-cut prints of Andy Palmer (also of Crass). Many of the recognisable traits of The Sugarcubes and Bjork are present in these early days, but Kukl were harder-edged, with a punk influenced aggression and darker sense of experimentation. Labled as ‘avante guard’, whereas I just think of it as ‘Icelandic’. But the ‘post-punk’ tag completely hits the nail. Hearing it again today, the rewards definitely outweigh the challenge. A timeless and remarkable piece of multi-media art.

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