LOOP – “Sevens” 7″ Box Set


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Indiviually numbered, limited to 1000. 2020

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Loop – “Sevens” 3 X 7″ box set

What’s one of the best mind altering intoxicants ever devised by modern humankind? Yes, that’s right, the music of Loop – the dirty, druggy, leather and long hair, psychedelic noise-rock event of the 1980s, pre-empting and out-shining the limp shoegazy pop of countless indie bands that filled the land in the early 1990s. Can excessive use of effects pedals get you high? They certainly can.  This box set collects together the first three 7″s: Spinning, Collision and Arc-Lite, (released beteewn 1987 and 1989), remastered for Record Store Day 2020 in an individually numbered and foil stamped slipcase. Velvet Undergound and Spacemen Three without the shitty smack = win, win win, Loop!


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