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Deathwish Inc.

Black vinyl. 2019

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Greet Death – “New Hell” LP

A┬áthree piece post-rock band from Flint, Michigan, following-up their debut album of 2017. This heads further into shoe-(and navel)-gazey indie rock territory – and you can understand Pitchfork’s enthusiastic response to both albums – but this is on Deathwish, so brutal, heavy, dark is also what you get. And it’s a winner: lush, dreamy guitar-work rides the quite-to-(very)-loud dynamics in ways that are familiar and new at the same time. The stoner vocals (which are mostly sung) are warm and faultless. Reminds me of the more melodic moments of Jesu, and the post-hardcore vibe of the late 90’s (Virtreous Humour, Farewell Bend, Boys Life etc.) along with the spacey, pedal-hopping of Sebadoh and MBV. I guess Relapse Record’s Nothing are on a similar trip. Past experience says – always keep an eye and ear out for young, noisey, three-piece guitar bands that emerge out of the American underground, because who knows where it might lead…

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