T.S.O.L. – “Dance With Me” LP


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T.S.O.L. – “Dance With Me” LP

One of the big players in the early West Coast hardcore punk scene, LA’s True Sounds Of Liberty released this debut album in 1981 on Frontier Records, and now decades later it gets its first UK pressing (with lavish gold-foil added to the original sleeve art). Moving away from the political-hardcore of their ‘Abolish Government’ era, Dance With Me is more in-line with the TSOL featured in the movie Suburbia. Like the Misfits, they adopted a schlocky, bad-taste horror theme, and turned their direction towards a more melodic punk rock style (not disimilar to the DKs and Social Distortion) – to my ears, I always presumed they were heavily¬† influenced by The Damned.



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