ICONOCLAST – “Domination Or Destruction” LP


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Iconoclast – “Domination Or Destruction” LP

American anarcho punk of the 1980s was a rare and exotic thing – sometimes known about, but less often actually heard (except, of course, Crucifix and MDC, thanks to Crass). If UK anarcho was the underdog of the ’80s alternative music scene, then American anarcho was like the underdog’s underclass. Sealed Records have done an amazing job of picking an early hardcore /peace punk gem from the depths of that obscurity – the complete Iconcolast Discography, remastered, and including the 1983 Demo, The Flipside 7″ from 1985 plus two compilation tracks. A rip-roaring mix of proto hardcore (Minor Threat, Youth Brigade etc.) and the UK protest punk of Crass, Dirt and Conflict (and if that doesn’t wet your treasure-hunting appetitite then what are you even doing here? Scram, you! You’re just a voyeur, get out of here!). Comes with a thick booklet full of reproductions of flyers, interviews, and vintage zine reviews.

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