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KALEIDOSCOPE – “After The Futures…” LP


La Vida Es Un Mus

booklet, and poster. 2019

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Kaleidoscope – “After The Futures…” LP

After two 7”s, an LP and numerous tapes Brooklyn’s Kaleidoscope are back with their sharpest release to date. This LP taps into the rich history of American peace/protest punk: Christ On Parade, Reagan Youth, Crucifix, A.P.P.L.E., A State Of Mind (remember them? they shared a split with Chumbawumba). I wouldn’t exactly call them D-beat – in an obviouse sense, anyway – but early Discharge is definitely a source of inspiration for at least one song. Toxic State have done a US press, this is the UK version, released by LVEUM, and comes with booklet and poster inserts.

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