SHIN GUARD – “2020” LP


Dog Knights Productions / Twelve Guage

Black vinyl, 300 copies. 2019

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Shin Guard – “2020” LP

Screamo/post-hardcore from a band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Along with Portrayal of Guilt and SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Shin Guard further cement the fact that the skramz is definitely back again. So many hardcore sub-groups come and go in waves of popularity. Many might loose interest and move on, but they shouldn’t be surprised that not everyone else did the same. Here comes the next generation of screamo reinvention. With Shin Guard, it’s like they took an influence from Circle Takes The Square, and shook it the fuck up into whole new shapes and patterns. Shimmering guitars with blast beats and throat lacerations all round. Exciting transistions between moments of grind and calmer passages of off-the-wall indie-pop. All capably done.

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