PORTRAYAL OF GUILT – “Let Pain Be Your Guide” LP


Gilead Media Records

Coloured vinyl. 2020

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Portrayal Of Guilt – “Let Pain Be Your Guide” LP

Taking elements of black metal, post-rock, metalcore and, not least, old school screamo, then forging it into a brutal force of dark energy and catharsis. The end result is a modern-day take on 90’s/00’s hardcore, somewhere between Orchid’s rush of noise and Celeste’s twisted heaviness. Epic, intense, and pretty harrowing – but not without a few other tasty suprises bunged-in to vary the oeuvre. The Texas band’s debut 12″ of 2019, recorded in a basement over the course of 48 hours with Matt Michel (Majority Rule, NO MAN), and features guest vocals from Matt Michel, Dylan Walker (Full Of Hell), and Maha Shami (NO MAN). I think these are leftover copies of the album’s third pressing, for the US only, from 2020, presumably pressed on purple/green/yellow merge vinyl. Limited, natch. Expensive too – I’ve never been able to pick-up Gilead Media at a reasonable price.

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