LANDE HEKT – “Going To Hell” LP


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‘Limited colour vinyl’. 2020

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Lande Hekt – “Going To Hell” LP

The debut solo album after a decade as the singer and bassist of Exeter’s Muncie Girls. This LP successfully pulls-off the very difficult maneuver of DIY-punk-goes-alt-pop without losing credibility or edginess. A mere mention of folk punk makes me want to slap Frank Turner, and then run for the hills. And then maybe run back and slap Frank Turner again, before running back to the hills etc. but this manages to be accoustic (at times) without ever being close to cliched, keeping a safe distance far from annoyance. Saved by the uplift of warm indie-pop beats and punky guitars; plus some smart, personal-is-political lyrics sung in an individual style, something like (and as good as) Suzanne Vega. You might not realise it yet, but your cold, dreary February could really benefit from opening-up this album. Proper disarming, and charming.

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