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YDI – “A Place In The Sun / Black Dust” Double LP


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Black vinyl, includes 10″ booklet. 2015

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YDI – “A Place In The Sun / Black Dust” Double LP

In the early 1980s/Reagan years, YDI (pronounced “why-die”) put Philadelphia, PA, on the map with their ferocious brand of hardcore. In 1983, they unleashed their debut EP, A Place In The Sun, a blistering nine-track blast of American-hardcore fury. The Black Dust (a concoction of PCP, heroin, and formaldehyde) full-length was YDI’s final recording (1985) and a criminally underrated slab of disgusting mayhem. Also includes tracks from Get Off My Back compilation LP, plus the fifteen track demo from 1983. Just so ahead of their time it is ridiculous.

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