SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – “Lights Camera Revolution” LP


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180 gram vinyl. 2013

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Suicidal Tendencies – “Lights Camera Revolution” LP

The fifth Suicidal album, released on Epic in 1990. Like a lot of punks I’m a bit sketchy on anything post-Join The Army; at the time, once crossover had run out of steam, the few surviving bands were signed-up, packed off to enjoy their new found MTV rotation, and the shared sentiment was good luck and good riddance to ’em and their hairy ballads. However, even I took notice of Lights Camera Revolution – a hefty, post-crossover, thrash-metal album, with complex song arrangements and suprisingly sound lyrics. Begrudingly, I might have to credit the input of then-new bassist Robert Trujillo. And now, with the re-emergence of crossover flavours in more recent years, this is an album who’s influence and importance is deserving of at least a good listen… Stating the obvious: for fans of Power Trip, Dead Heat, Muncipal Waste etc.

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