PLASTICS – “Plastic World” 7″


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Transparent blue vinyl. 2020

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Plastics – “Plastic World” 7″

Lucky Brighton now has its own version of Exit Order. Lucky us too, as we get to experience the Plastics via their debut 6 track EP. A highly flammable mix of oldie anarcho punk – drawing from the past, not unlike what Subdued/Bad Breeding have been doing; and combined with the kick of contemporary hardcore – they would fit snug on the bill of an all-dayer with Khiis, C.H.E.W., Torso etc… and yeah, I’ve referenced four bands with female vocals, which I know is a bit of a lazy gender-generalisation, but…. really, the sound of the vocals are integral to each band, Plastics included. Gender aside, I reckon it’s a relevent comparison to make.

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