VISION QUEST – “Bear Witness” 7″


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Yellow and red vinyl, includes sticker. 2020

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Vision Quest  – “Bear Witness” 7″

Paint blistering hardcore out of Plymouth, UK. The 5 track EP marks a substantial leap of progression from last year’s debut 7″ – which I compared to Krimewatch, but this is way, way better than that. Influenced perhaps by Incendiary and early Turnstile, but veering away from heavy beatdown, towards a much more athletic work-out, lighter on its feet, faster too. Saskia’s viocals absolutely stand out, completely suited to this style of hardcore in that they are expressive and aggressive but without punishing the ear with harshness; and combined with the superb drumming, which is super-tight and solid, this pushes way beyond all expectations. I’m pleased to be impressed. .

Bear Witness by Vision Quest

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