DRUG VICTIM – “Mongrel” 7″


Crew Cuts / Boslevan / Blind Rage / Angry Hungry Records

Muddy-green eco vinyl, 200 copies. 2020

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Drug Victim – “Mongrel” 7″

The second EP from Plymouth-based Drug Victim. If there is a current West Country hardcore sound then this pretty much defines it, (think also: Rash Decision, No Pulse, Boxkite, and, um, The Cult Maniax… yeah, alright, so there were time gaps…), fast, bruising and vitriolic – this slaps. The fresh Ocean air and ambient light of Cornwall has a dark side; and I haven’t been to Plymouth, but, in my imagination, that place is indeed the darkside… Drug Victim also manage to echo the past – and maybe it’s coincidental – something about this EP reminds me of Icons Of Filth – many decades ago, but, geographically, not that far away…. (I dunno, it’s nerdy, but I find these tenuous connections appealing). 200 copies are available, and they are on eco-vinyl (the pressing plant’s leftover slops), how cool is that!?

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × .5 cm