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TOUCHE AMORE- “Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me” LP


Deathwish Inc.

Transparent red vinyl, 1,044 copies. 2021

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Touché Amoré – “Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me” LP

Documenting life’s constant trials and tribulations once again, the second full-length recording from LA’s Touché Amoré, it was released by Deathwish in 2011, now and repressed (for the 5th time) for 2021. Emotionaly charged post hardcore drama, with raw vocals, manic guitars and hook-laden songs. Recorded live (successfully) for an ‘honest, raw feel’. I always think of Touché Amoré as an American version of Envy – with a contrasting distinction between the impenetrable roar of mysterious vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa; and the easily interpreted clarity of Jeremy Bolm.

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