RODAN – “Rusty” LP


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Rodan – “Rusty” LP

Released in 1994 and recorded by Bob “Rusty” Weston (of Shellac). Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Rodan were like the younger siblings of neighbourhood heroes Slint and Bastro. A little more rowdy and shouty, as you would expect from youth who hadn’t quite outgrown their hardcore roots; but also heavily steeped in the same atmospheric post-rockin’ tension for which their ex-Squirrel Bait elders were so renowned. What also helped Rodan conquer the same hallowed ground of Slint was the addition of Tara Jane O’Neil on the shared vocals (when it comes to boys-own post-rock her feminine presence really makes an impact. I bet Slint were green with envy!). After Rodan’s split in 1995 members continued in Retsin, June Of 44, Shipping News, Sonora Pines, Rachels etc.

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