NEUROSIS – “Pain Of Mind” LP



Gatefold sleeve, sealed copy – vinyl colour unkown. 2018

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Neurosis – “Pain Of Mind” LP

From the opening “Yourrr mind is restricted…” a rollercoaster ride of stomach-churning, bass-tastic mayhem is launched. A great beginning, both for the record, and for the band. The debut album by a bunch of Oakland drop-outs barely out of high school, who, 33 years and 13 albums later, are best known for their soporific doom-rock. But for me, Neurosis shall always remain first and foremost a hardcore band. Because when Nerosis played hardcore, well, that was when they were amazing. Pain Of Mind was released by the consistently brilliant Alchemy label (Poison Idea, RKL etc), in the year 1987. This reissue on Neurot Records, 2018, is remastered by Bob Weston of Shellac, and the artwork has been re-designed for a gatefold sleeve (I don’t know what else justifies the high price that Neurot feels they deserve to charge).

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Pain of Mind by Neurosis


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