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Opaque blue vinyl. 2019

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Jeromes Dream – self-titled LP

Some of you may remember Jeromes Dream from a couple of decades ago: ephemeral, noisey herberts, releasing obscure, odd-sized records on odd-ball labels like Witching Hour, Old Glory and Clean Plate. Back again in 2019 after a lengthy hiatus, and with an evolved, (nay, matured) sound. The shambolic, self-destructing screamo-violence has all but gone, what remains is stylistically more noise rock and post-hardcore (in the 90s sense of the term). Hard to pin down, there’s something of a mid-period Dischord and Amphetamine Reptile feel, but in a vague kind of a way… sort of Unwound meets Sleepytime Trio… meets Crown Hate Ruin meets Trail Of Dead. Currently touring the US with with Loma Prieta and Touche Amore – which should make for a complimentary contrast of sound and styles.

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