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Repress on red vinyl. 2020

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Warwound – “WWIII” LP

A bedazzling line-up of highly experienced veterans let loose their second full-length album: Rat from Varukers/Discharge, Damien from Varukers/Sacrilege and reknowned scholar of all things loud and punk, Ian Glasper, known for his distinct bass-playing role in Decadence Within and Stampin’ Ground (and also featuring a guest appearance by Bones of Discharge). The lively, energetic ferocity belies their combined number of years in dedicated service to punk rock – probably too many to count – this still sounds vital and relevant, and far from re-treading old glories (by no means is this a Varukers or Discharge rehash, far from it, in fact), instead, this is straight-up Scandinavian hardcore/metal (and I’m genuinely suprised that there is no sign of a Southern Lord logo on the back sleeve), with Motorhead beats, snaking basslines, and the occassional Slayer-esque guitar flourish. All executed with the snarling, militant rage of peak-era anarcho protest punk. For fans of Wolfbrigade, Power Trip, Martyrdöd, Disfear.

WWIII by Warwound

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