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WHITE STAINS – “Make Me Sick” LP


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White Stains – “Make Me Sick” LP

The European press of an album that was released in the US in 2020 on Song Book Records. White Stains hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and their bag is to be stupidly simple and inapropriately loud. It’s not funny or clever…. although it is a little bit. The sleeve art (studded wrist band, circled A), is an indicator of their old school 80s influence, and maybe it’s the subtle association with the sleeve graphics but I’m thinking of Chronic Sick while listening to White Stains – there are also similarities in the hookiness of the guitars; while the vocalist opts for a rougher style of thuggish menace. Featuring members of Loose Nukes, Heavy Discipline, Blood Pressure, Concealed Blade and countless others of a similar ilk – it all makes sense.

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