TURNING POINT – “Demo” Tape Cassette


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Turning Point – “Demo” Tape Cassette

Such an important band, I don’t think I shall ever cease to name-drop and reference them when talking about classic straight-edge-powered hardcore. A full reproduction of their demo tape from 1988 – the first release of Revelation Records’ reissues of the band’s out-of-print catalog – New Jersey’s Turning Point was the state’s answer to the hardcore movement of New York and Connecticut of the late-’80s, playing up and down the American East Coast with Chain Of Strength, Bold, Judge, Burn, Mouthpiece etc. Some of these demo tracks are recognisable – they later appeared on the 7″ EP of 1989 (on Hi-Impact Records) – but I prefer these earlier versions: on this demo the vocals of the late Frank “Skip” Candelori are less harsh/gruff, and more in the tempered style of Ray Cappo.


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