SPITBOY – “Body of Work 1990-1995” Double LP


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Red and black marble vinyl, gatefold sleeve, includes download. 2021

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Spitboy – “Body of Work 1990-1995” Double LP

Old friends from back in the day, Spitboy emerged from the vibrant, (but also inconspicuous), San Franscisco DIY punk scene of the early 1990s, which during that time often tended to center around Lookout! Records and Maximum Rocknroll magazine. Spitboy brought together the post-punk, rhythm-based sounds of Fugazi and the grimmier hardcore angst of Econochrist and Born Against; while keeping the agitational political agenda that was shared by both sides of the equation. I remember interviewing the band on their UK tour (around 1993?), and they were pretty non-plussed by the much hyped Riot-girl movement that was emerging at that same time. The bottom line was that they were highly incentivised angry punks making their noise and making sure they got heard. Right on.
This long-overdue discography combines the debut 7″ (on Lookout!), the Mi Cuerpo Es Mio (on Allied), the True Self Revealed LP, Rasana 7, and their side of the plit LP with Los Crudos (all on Ebullition), plus countless compilation appearances. All 26 tracks are remastered, repressed on coloured double vinyl, with additional liner notes from Billie Joe Armstrong and Vique (Simba). All band proceeds from this release go to the National Woman’s Law Center.

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