PADDAN – “Fluid Time” LP


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Black vinyl. 2024

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Paddan – “Fluid Time” LP

Blissed-out experimental soundscapes, with a touch of dub, jazz, post rock, from – where else? – Iceland, of course. Padden are primarily a bass/drum two-piece: Sigtryggur Baldursson and Birgir Mogensen, who have played music together since they were teenagers – significantly, in KUKL and then the Sugarcubes, plus many other collaborations over the years (from Killing Joke to Howie B to Emiliana Torrini). Accompanying the bass/rhythm lead grooves are warm, spacey soundwaves from a modular synth and trumpet. Like Tortoise and Sigur Rós, perfect for chilled out late night sessions, when the mood needs to be just right…

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