MEAN SEASON – “Discography” Double LP


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Double colour vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 2005

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Mean Season – “The Memory and I Still Suffer in Love” Double LP

A collection of all of Mean Season’s out-of-print studio recordings. Nineteen tracks of early ’90s, metallic hardcore, three of which have never been released. It includes both their releases on New Age and various compilation tracks.
Mean Season owned a sound completely in keeping with that of their label New Age Records. Outspoken, Turning Point, Strife and Unbroken were all natural comrades in a shared scene. And yet, they elevated that style of hard-groove, chuggy sXe; broadening its themes and tempos. And it was done in a way that was hard to pin down… Enigmatically intense and emotionally charged. It was probably down, in large part, to the unique and expressive vocal style of Aaron Kelly (in those days it was very important that, as a hardcore band, you had a least one band member called Aaron. Preferably the vocalist. Fact). To my mind, Mean Season were one of the few bands that came close to matching the glory of Split Lip. If you haven’t done so before, I recommend you check them out… it might be that they were slightly overlooked and under-appreciated.


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