WARZONE – “Open Your Eyes” LP


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Blue vinyl, 500 copies, includes booklet and download. 2018

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Warzone – “Open Your Eyes” LP

The reissue of their second LP, originally released by Caroline in 1988 and produced Dr Know of Bad Brains. People talk of them being a union of the NY skinhead and youth-crew sub-genres, but the reality, like most NYHC of this ilk at this period in time, is that it’s essentially a heavy metal record by stupid nationalists (but they’re anti-rascist, so that makes them ok… oh, right). I’m selling their records on the basis that they are cultural artifacts of some interest (we’re all smart grown-ups), and that surviving members would acknowledge the nationalist sentiments to be nothing more than daft teenage naivety. Includes a 6-page, 12″ x 12″ booklet with previously unseen photos, lyrics, liner notes by Tony Rettman, and an interview with Raybeez from back in the day. This is the blue vinyl version,, limited to 500 (which for some reason makes it more expensive).

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