ZOUNDS – “Curse Of The Zounds” LP


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Zounds – “Curse Of The Zounds” LP

Fresh from their debut 7″ on Crass Records, the squatter punks of Reading/London(and Yeovil!) found a new home in Rough Trade Records, and in five days of the year 1981 recorded and mixed their debut full-length, complete with the subversive artwork of (anarchist illustrator) Clifford Harper (firemen putting out the burning houses of parliament? Nope: flip it over and actually the fireman are hosing the flames with petrol – genius!). The music contained within was the ’77 punk of Alternative TV and Wire filtered through the fraught disharmony of 1980’s Britain, making a dark, defiant indie-pop/post-punk classic that still carries the full weight of it’s social/political relevance into the present day, and beyond…

The Curse Of Zounds + The Singles by Zounds

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